DAVID BECKHAM wearing a TUDOR watch

Legendary Footballer launches new #BornToDare campaign

David Beckham was born with a dream. When asked as a child what he wanted to be when he grew up he’d respond with a simple answer “a football player”. As one of the most recognized players, he has worked hard to fulfill his destiny.

The global style icon shares the values that have shaped the TUDOR brand. With a long heritage of craftsmanship, the founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf’s vision of TUDOR was offering watches with a high standard of dependability at a more modest price point.

Beckham became familiar with TUDOR through his collection of Rolex watches.   3a_M79733N-0001_black_72063_VW

Beckham defines the character of a daring individual and now represents a watch with a long heritage in diving and motorsport, designed to perform in every condition.

See the full collection on the #BornToDare website.